The Cranberry Bay

The Cranberry Bay! Or should we say Cranberry Bae... ;) Not only is this packed full of flavor, but it is made exclusively from Rhode Island brands. Want to feel even better about having a drink? Proceeds from each and every bottle of Granny Squibb's Charlie's Cranberry organic iced tea goes to support the efforts of Save The Bay. This foundation works tirelessly to preserve and clean up the waters that serve as the life blood to our beautiful state! Enjoy!


The Gin Squibby

Truly a cocktail that Granny would really have loved to sip on her porch while looking out at Narragansett Bay, this cocktail is simple and clean. The herbaceous quality of the gin combined with the fresh, smooth sweetness of the tea and the tartness of the lemon create a plainly satisfying drink.

Drone shot of Stown view of Bay.jpeg

The Dutch Islander

We've all heard of a Cape Codder, the Massachusetts claim to cocktail fame...but what about a drink that shows off your Rhode Island pride? Fear not: The Dutch Islander! With the same tart zing, but with a specifically Rhode Island addition of caffeine and something extra special from the Granny Squibb's Charlie's Cranberry organic iced tea. Enjoy while looking for Dutch Island on a chart.

Granny’s Blueberry Muffins

Straight from Granny’s own recipe box!

These muffins are delicious and simple to make whether you get the blueberries from your own bushes as Granny did, or from your local market. No matter the season, they’re sure remind you of summer.


It's easy to get Squibbwrecked!

This simple recipe will be an easy crowd pleaser. Whether you choose the sweetened iced tea or the unsweetened, this cocktail is sure to rock your boat.